World Down Syndrome Day Celebration

March 21st is #WorldDownSyndromeDay 😊 #LotsOfSocks!

Let’s make the world a better place and raise awareness for the amazing people with Down syndrome.

Did you know that Children with Down syndrome (DS or DNS) can improve in motor function and muscle tone following massage therapy.

Massage therapy can be a complementary therapy that can have significant lasting motor skills improvements for children with Down Syndrome.

At Sunstone Registered Family Massage Therapy our aim is to support the health and quality of your child through Massage Therapy and our Massage treatments can provide quality therapy in a safe and caring environment.

The benefits of Registered Massage for children with Down syndrome

Enhance motor functioning.
Increase muscle tone overall in arms.
Greater gains in fine and gross motor functioning.
Sensory Integration.
Daily interaction and learning.
Improved physical well-being
Improved quality of life.

Massage Therapy can help your child with a comprehensive plan to improve developmental capacity and quality of life.

Massage is a valuable therapy for children with Down’s Syndrome to help with their developmental milestones.

Celebrate World Down Syndrome Awareness Day, and wear some mismatched colorful fun socks to support those in our community and make sure everyone is included.

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