How To Prepare For Catholic Lent With Registered Massage Therapy

Catholics around the world mark this season with Lent a 46 day period of self-discipline – fast from hurting words, fast from anger and fast from giving up a certain foods or fast from a habit.

Lent is more than just self-control but a spiritual journey with our healthy hearts towards Easter.

Christian Easter celebrate the goal as a new beginning through the story of Jesus’ resurrection from his crucifixion.

Make the Lent season more meaningful by slowing down and start a new all-around health beginning.

Renew your faith and prepare to celebrate Lent by tuning out everyday unhealthy distractions and unwind with Massage Therapy.

Your Body

Fasting for your religion or for your health and cleansing – let your body relax from absorbing and digesting a glutenous amount of unnecessary food.

Fasting from Worries.

Fast from Stress.

Your Spirit

Increase your appreciation for what God has done for us – resurrection.

Your Mind

Prepare your mind for Lent to align yourself with your faithful spirit along with prayer and fasting. By embracing God you can find balance.


Prepare yourself before the start of Lent with a Signature Sunstone Registered Massage that harmonizes your healthy mind, body and soul. With Massage you can release stress, muscle tension and restore balance.

Massage can be your start point – to help your mind-set and body begin to adjust to the daily Catholic fasting schedule that limits certain foods.

Visit Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy before the start of Lent to revive body, mind and soul. Regain balance, focus and reflection through our Sunstone Signature Massages to boost your willpower through Lent and stay away from temptations.

Are you ready to make the most of Lent and be in the perfect frame of mind, body and spirit?

Lent can remind us to give up unhealthy habits and take up a healthy routine.

Fast Everything That Is Unhealthy.

Get ready to be inspired to give your undivided attention to feeling focused, balanced and completely ready for Lent journey to Easter.

Check with your doctor before you start Fasting and check with your doctor before the start of regular Registered Massage Treatments.

Embrace Everything That Is Healthy.

Sunstone Registered Massage health and wellness clinic is the perfect antidote to begin Lent, to reconnect, recharge, renew and rejuvenate your body, inspired for health and well-being.

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