Blue Monday The Most Depressing Day Of The Year And The Massage Therapy Solution

Blue Monday The Most Depressing Day Of The Year And The Massage Therapy Solution

Do you feel depressed? Do you feel down?

Do you have trouble concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions.

Do you feel fatigue – not feeling yourself?

Do you have feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and helplessness?

Not being positive? Are you feeling pessimistic and have feelings of hopelessness?

Do you have insomnia?

Are you waking up early and having interrupted sleep?

Or are you sleeping too much?

Do you feel irritable?

Do you have symptoms of restlessness?

If you answered “YES”.


This is called Blue Monday!

The third Monday in January is the most saddest day of the year.

You got the blah’s like you never felt before and you are feeling unmotivated and hopeless – it must be January.

Here is a way to feel better and how to survive blue Monday.

“Blue Monday” – improve your well-being with Registered Massage Therapy.

Release endorphins and naturally feel better with massage to feel happier.

Getting a Sunstone Registered Massage is a simple way to boost your mood and let go of anxiety.

NOTE: Seek medical support if you suffer from symptoms of depression.

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