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Can I get a massage everyday – it depends on what type of massage and it depends on what is going on with your body, your specific issue, your body’s tissues, muscle imbalances – and how your body improves and progresses away from your symptoms – with the development of a comprehensive treatment plan designed by a Registered Massage Therapist to meet your individual needs.

Is it bad to get a massage everyday?

For general wellness and relaxation you may safely enjoy a relaxation massage twice a day – in the morning and one at night!

For treatment of a chronic condition; it can take some time for muscle pain relief with targeted massage therapy sessions that are less frequent.

However, the frequency of massage depends on your specific medical condition and your specific goals to manage muscle pain and your dedication to remain healthy.

If you are experiencing high stress levels in your life, you may benefit from more relaxation massages per week.

During musculoskeletal pain, you may benefit from receiving massages less frequent as your body is suffering from localized inflammation from a direct blow to the muscle or overuse.

If you are into sports competitions and are suffering from a sports muscle injury, massage once a week can help with muscle recovery and three to four times a month may be helpful.

Deep tissue massage works on breaking down muscle adhesions that often build up after an accident or are the result of a chronic illness and is not recommended two days in a row as your body may have soreness after the massage.

How Often Should You Get A Massage?

It’s all case by case based on your body’s tissues, your body’s condition, your symptoms and your body’s response to the treatment massage modality when determining the frequency of massage.

Massage treatments daily, on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to achieve and maintain optimal results when customized to your body’s needs.

You can be along your way to becoming a mom and experience a range of muscle aches and pains during your pregnancy and weekly massages with clearance from your physician may just be the perfect combination to managing and maintaining your muscle pain, your health and your baby’s health.

Can I get a massage two days in a row?

You can enjoy a relaxation massage once a year or two days in a row or even twice a day for relaxation without harm.

You can benefit from massage sessions once every week or two to keep your muscles, joints and tissues pliable and in good shape.

If you are in extreme chronic pain or have a special issue to address, you might need to come weekly (or even twice a week) until you feel better.

Check with your primary physician and your massage therapist to ensure clearance for massage treatment types and frequency of massage sessions.

The question is NOT how often should you get a massage but rather a question of:

How important is it for you to listen to your body and take care of your health?

Sunstone Registered Massage can help you decide how many massage treatment sessions to get based on your body’s condition and what works best for you; to help you manage muscle pain, relieve muscle tension and restore your optimal health.

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