Massage and Yoga: A Good Fit

Massage and Yoga are a perfect pair. Yoga serves to calm the body, relax the mind and heal through elongating our musculature, removing pressure off our joints and organs.

With Massage the benefits are endless, imagine being ironed out and put back in place like a wrinkled piece of clothing. Massage is an ironing out of your knots and tension manually. Trained Massage Therapists can identify the areas that require attention and apply the best techniques to reduce stress and replenish your muscles. This will leave you feeling fresh and new.

Yoga focuses on the value of the breath and massage involves breathing diaphramatically too; to achieve the relaxing effect of the mind and body reciprocally.

Both massage and yoga can guide you towards better health.

A caring and kind environment providing services ready to help you reach your health related goals.

Massage / Yoga the perfect combination.