HWY 401 Driving Panic Stresses And Your Health

So you commute on HWY 401, HWY 400 or the QEW for a one (1) hour drive to work (exceeding 100 km one way). The anxiety and danger is unavoidable. Not to mention the enormous cost of over $500 dollars a month on gas you will be out of pocket for a round-trip of over 200 kilometers from home to work and back.

Consider the following solutions:

Move closer to work.

Rent a room near your work and drive home on your days off. You can save time and sleep in and avoid the stresses of driving back and forth everyday.

Improve your quality of life and minimize your commuting distance. Remove the stresses that are taking a toll on your mind, body and even more on the wear and tear of your car.

Save money from car repairs, oil changes and filling up gas and save yourself from the freeway anxiety.

If you are experiencing fear or anxiety of driving on highways – it’s time to take control.

Focus Your Time On Your Health
Focus Your Time On Your Health

Focus your time on your health. And you can even ride your bike to work. Or make time to enjoy a Health Registered Massage, instead of dealing with the hassle and anxiety of highway commuting to work.

Never be stuck in traffic again. And never hug the right side of the highway shoulder when you can stay in the right lane for your health and wellness.

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