Massage Therapy For Horseback Riders

Thinking of horseback riding for the first time, a beginner or an expert?

Are you horseback riding as a sport, on scenic trails, group rides, ranch riding or a short pony ride?

The mechanisms of riding uses our quads (quadriceps), hamstrings, and glutes which all support the work of the adductors (skeletal muscle located in the inner/outer thigh) and hip flexors. It also involves forward, backward, and lateral leg movements.

Horseback riding fundamentals includes balance, positioning, correct posture, coordination, patience, breathing, muscle grip and squeeze dynamics – and connecting with the horse.

Horseback riding can take a toll on your body and skeleton system. Warm up our muscles that you use while horseback riding to prevent strains or injury.

Registered Massage Therapy can help relieve muscle and ligament tightness. Massage can help your muscles become long and limber to help prevent horseback riding injuries. Massage can help develop essential muscles for any type of rider.

Successful horse riding is a combination of the necessary horseback riding training, pre-ride stretches, proper gear, muscle mechanisms, massage and building a special bond with your horse.

Prevent injuries, increase your flexibility and improve your horseback riding performance.

Add horseback riding to your weekend list and explore the back trails with Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy.

Sunstone Registered Massage therapy can help with muscle recovery, pain relief and maximizing athletic performance, warming-up muscles and help to prevent injuries.

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