So where do you begin?

Wake up and smile and praise a new day you have to live.

Say to yourself and look in the mirror that, “TODAY WILL BE A POSITIVE DAY”.

Give everything you got to live this day like your last.

Love yourself and the blessed health you have.

Make your bed and get ready for your day.

Get dressed like you are doing something special even if you are not.

Live your day with no regrets.

Do it today. Do something healthy.

Say a positive sentence to a friend or family or a neighbor or coworker.

Eat a healthy breakfast.

Book a registered massage.

Go for a walk.

Do some household chores and get moving – moving helps you get motivated.

Have health in your life.

You will enjoy life at its best with a healthy outlook in your life.

Make your way towards health when you wake up and start your day.

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