Too Much Time On Social Media Is Bad For Your Health

Social media can help you connect to friends and family and feel joy and happiness, however social media can also create isolation and affect your mental health negatively.

Sitting and being sedentary for extended periods of time may result in sore muscles and can have a drastic effect on your body system.

Research has noted that long periods of physical inactivity can increase your risk of developing heart issues, cancer and diabetes.

Being on social media and scrolling all day, clicking on LIKES or SHARE can effect your mental-health.

Too Much Social Media Is Bad For Your Health

Here are 10 ways to avoid online social media stress.

1) Delete Your Social Media.

2) Take a break from your social media.

3) Go for a walk.

4) Go do some chores.

5) Give a friend a call instead.

6) Prepare some healthy food.

7) Go for a Registered Massage.

8) Do some stretches.

9) Go see your doctor if you are feeling overwhelmed.

10) Keep track of your time and limit the time you are logged in.

Free yourself from the mental exhaustion of Social Media Overload and put your phone down.

It’s time to gain more health and less followers and re-evaluate your wellbeing.

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