Pink Shirt Day Promoting Health And Preventing Bullying Sunstone Family Massage Canada

Wear a Pink shirt to stand up against bullies.

Help support a healthy environment for children to thrive and build a positive self-esteem.

That’s why we support practicing kindness and living a positive healthy lifestyle.

What does Pink Shirt Day mean?

  • Say NO to Bullying
  • Spread Kindness
  • Prevent Bullying
  • Speak Up
  • Stand Together
  • Anti-bullying day
  • Do something nice
  • Say something nice
  • Be kind
  • Focus on the positive
  • Be helpful
  • Be inspiring
  • Be kind
  • No attacking
  • No Aggression
  • No threatening
  • No embarrassment
  • No intimidation
  • Include everyone
  • Stop name-calling
  • Don’t be cruel
  • Don’t send threatening text messages
  • Don’t be offensive
  • Don’t insult
  • Don’t harass

  • Bullying affects mental health – causes anxiety, depression, emotional trauma and is a serious problem.

    Those who are affected by long-term bullying are at an increased risk for mental health problems, headaches, and problems adjusting to school.

    Massage provides an outlet to live your life in a positive way that allows for good mental health and wellbeing.

    Help those heal who are affected by bullying and make the internet, schools, work and families healthier.

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