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Sunstone Registered Massage is a proud supporter of International Women’s Day to celebrate the extraordinary women throughout history, to recognize their stories, achievements and voices all over the world which inspires us.

This day is your day to truly make a positive difference for women globally for women’s equality. International Women’s Day is for the commitment and advancement of helping women and girls achieve their potential.

The momentum of women’s progress is far reaching and more than a movement where both women and men need to include a balance for progress, equality, peace and development.

Let’s see eye to eye and close the gap between women and men in all sectors of employment, politics, income and working conditions. Health and wellbeing is directly influenced by wages and filters into opportunities for one’s whole family.

This year we will make International Women’s Day the light that shines on all our faces for gender balance, healthy living, equal pay for equal work regardless of gender and to celebrate achievements for inclusiveness; away from disparities.

Women have made significant contributions to advancing our health, wellness and wellbeing.

Sunstone Registered Massage embraces a commitment to the advancement of women, their courage and determination in all areas of life, health and opportunity.

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