Solve A Workplace Dispute With Mediation And Massage Therapy

Replaying sentences and work situations in your mind. Your co-workers and managers were not inclusive with you and treated you poorly at work. You’ve been eliminated from job opportunities even though you clearly meet the essential criteria and qualifications.

Stress with work disputes can impact your life and significantly stop you from moving forward.

It’s been over a year and your work mediation has been set to an upcoming scheduled date and time.

Mediation: intervention in a dispute in order to resolve it; arbitration.

You can’t stop thinking about the dispute at work and the unfairness.

You can’t stop thinking about the loss of career opportunity, loss of financial opportunity, loss of sick-leave and the toxic work environment you work in.

Sunstone Registered Massage can help reset your mind with clarity and preparedness. You can’t be your best at your mediation meeting when you’re in stress mode.

Massage is known to help calm the nervous system. Those who were given massage, change in autonomic nervous system such as heart rate variability (HRV), blood pressure and respiratory rate. Source: NCBI

You are prepared to settle with your employer but only on your terms.

Bring along organized notes to keep yourself focused during the presentation of your evidence.

BE SIMPLE, CONCISE AND CLEAR Tell your side of the story in plain words and accentuate the positive.

Massage helps with breathing and focusing on thoughts to state your case tactfully and clearly. The mediator will take notice of your clear communication, evidence and your sound valid facts.

Put the settlement details in writing.

Sign it and move forward. Let go of all the negative energy, stress and anxiety. However, it’s easy to say but not so easy to do – to attack the problem, not the person.

Massage therapy helps you let go even when you are still hanging on to your work stress.

Remember hanging on to this stressful dispute prevents you from moving forward.

You want to move forward, focus on your future health and let go of stress from a work dispute but you don’t know how – rely on a Massage to let go.

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