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Are you looking to take your Golf Game to next level this season, or just want to practice at the driving range – with Massage therapy you can ” Bring your ‘A Game’ on”

The golf swing is a complex synchronized movement involving the whole body. Even your ears are involved in the process when you hear… “FORE!!!!!!!!!”

How better to improve your golf game than knowing which muscles are most critical to your golf swing and which requires special attention. A Registered Massage Therapist has extensive knowledge on the body’s muscular-skeletal system to combine traditional Swedish techniques and modern massage which can help target the key specific golf muscles and help smooth out “knots” and improve your golf swing. There are golf specific massage therapy methods that can help.

Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy can target specific muscles and improve muscle function and reduce golf injury producing mechanics.

Sunstone Registered Massage can provide appropriate exercise protocols to help you with preventative, corrective and rehabilitative therapy to minimize golf injuries. There are a range of massage therapy techniques that can benefit any skill level type of golfer.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Golf:

· Improve flexibility.
· Improve movement.
· Improve range of motion.
· Increase your power.
· Decrease your stress.
· Improve mental focus.
· Increase circulation.
· Release tight muscles
· Reduce muscle spasms.
· Reduce trigger points.
· Reduce adhesions.
· Enhance body awareness.

What muscles are used in a golf swing?


The Key Muscles

· Core Muscles
· Hamstrings
· Quads (Thighs)
· Shoulders (Deltoids)
· Gluteus maximus
· Leg muscles
· Pectoralis
· Latissimus
· Abdominals
· Chest
· Latissimus Dorsi
· Forearms
· Biceps

Golf Dynamics

· Posture
· Alignment (positioning)
· Grip (various types of grips)
· Stability
· Balance
· Timing
· Power
· Force
· Hip rotation
· Hip Pivot
· Rotate the torso
· Hip extension
· Abdominals
· Chest
· Eye coordination
· Use your brain power.

Golf Stroke Types

· Drive
· Approach
· Lay-up
· Chip
· Pitch
· Punch
· Flop
· Putt
· Draw
· Fade
· Shank
· Top
· Fat
· Backswing
· Downswing
· Tee shot
· Fairway shot
· Bunker shot

Body Dynamics (Stability of the swing rotation).

· Arms (good swinging speed)
· Shoulders (good swinging speed)
· Uniform line (squarely with the ball)
· Bring arms across the body
· Bring arms up in the air
· Rotational motion
· Wrist

Golf Exercises

See your doctor before trying any new exercise, warm-up or stretches if you have any injuries, illnesses or other conditions.

Playing golf has its share of quite common repetitive injuries.

Let your Registered Massage Therapist help you recover from injuries, prevent injury and improve your golf performance with appropriate stretches and exercises to reach your full bodily function.


· Relaxation Massage
· Therapeutic Massage
· Deep Tissue Massage
· Sports Massage
· Swedish Massage

Get yourself a good set of golf clubs. Walk 18 holes and play your best to improve your overall wellness and cardiovascular fitness. Improve your focus and concentration so you don’t hit an air shot.

Sunstone Registered Massage For Your Golf Game!

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