Healthy Fortune Cookie Massage Messages

Looking for better health? Looking for some healthy inspiration?

Fortune cookies offer advice so why not offer healthy advice by cracking open some healthy wisdom!

A list of healthy fortune cookie massage themed messages that will encourage you live a healthy lifestyle.

To help you find the perfect health for your life here are samples:

It’s amazing how much good massage can do for your muscles.

About time you take care of your body with a massage.

Someone in your life needs a massage. Maybe that someone is you.

All things are difficult with sore muscles before they are easier with massage.

Muscle knots come untied with massage.

You don’t need stress. What you really need is a relaxation massage.

The best way to get rid of muscle pain is to make time for a massage.

Happiness isn’t what’s outside, it’s what’s on the inside.

Of all our human body complexities, the most simple goal is our health.

What’s In Your Cookie?

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