Tapotement Is A Useful Massage Therapy Technique

Tapotement is a Swedish massage technique that uses ryhthmic fast percussion with the edge of the hand, a cupped hand or the tips of the fingers.

Tapotement is like a tapping either with your fingertips, cupped hand or the edge of the hand.

A more invigorating wake up technique to stimulate and move the body’s stressed muscles, increases local blood circulation to help facilitate toxin release from tissues.

Tapping is the lightest and cupping can deliver more force with these specialized techniques.

For safe treatment and to make sure tapotement massage is appropriate for your condition check with your doctor for clearance.

Our massage tapotement rhythm, flow and sequencing is with balanced techniques addressing specific muscle pain for better results and improved muscle conditions.

Restore yourself with a tapotement massage; a wake up, tension release massage.

Tapotement techniques followed by smooth transitions alternating between other techniques and other massage manipulations.

When used quickly can be stimulating and invigorating. It is typically used for athletic massage before activity or at the end of treatments given earlier in the day so clients have energy to complete their day after their massage.

Also, tapotement done for longer period of time can calm the nervous system and become relaxing as well as release muscle tension.

Your customized, safe and relaxing massage is based on your specific needs.



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