Military Massage Wellness Family Appreciation Day

Celebrate Military families and their serving members.

Build a fort with those in your family to help encourage and acknowledge Military Families contribution to protecting Canada at home and abroad.

Use the Hashtag #HomeFortChallenge to spread the word for our appreciation in all that Military families do.

Let’s honor the families who serve in our Military.

It’s a time to honor Canadian military families for their sacrifices and impact that they make on behalf of Canada.

We at Sunstone Registered Massage would like to show our appreciation and recognize the families that are the strength of our Canadian Armed Forces.

Sunstone Registered Massage provides wellness support to Military Families through Registered Massage Therapy and Treatment. Learn more about how Registered Massage can help provide wellness and holistic support your family needs.

We support the great men and women and children of Military Families and service members.

Let’s stand with Military Families.

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