Power Down Unplug For Earth Hour And Registered Massage Therapy

Why sit in the dark during Earth Hour?

Turn off the lights, power down and unplug the continuous footprints humans are burdening our Planet to mark Earth Hour.

Promote getting away from being on the computer, watching television, or using electronics to remember nature is important and the impact humans are having on our Planet – consumption is taking a big toll and its effects on our environment are devastating.

Nature matters – our planet matters and our planets health matters cause it effects our life and our health.

Stop destroying our planet because it is destroying human health too!

This Earth Hour reduce your individual carbon footprint every day.

Lets pledge to do more and help the planet.

Simple sustainable living for our health and planet depends on it. So switch off to build a healthy, sustainable future and use only the essentials.

Our planet needs wellness too!

We encourage healthier, sustainable and planet-friendly choices.

What will you do on Earth Hour?

We support a healthy planet!

Sunstone Registered Massage only uses organic, eco-friendly and nontoxic massage oil both for your body and for the planet.

Sunstone Registered Massage pledges sustainability with essential oils for the planets health and for your health.

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