National Walk To Work Day

If you live near your work, it’s time you try to walk to work. Save some gas money and feel better!

If you live far away from work, you can park your vehicle some distance away in the parking lot and walk to work as well.

If you take public transportation you can change your route and maximize daily steps to increase your walk to work.

Today is the day to walk to work.

Walking to work helps contribute to a healthier start of the day.

Don’t forget to hydrate and bring along water to refresh.

Wear comfortable shoes on your walk.

Improve your overall health, reduce your health risks and improve your live expectancy by staying active with walking to work.

Walking helps you relax and can take the stress out of the start of your day.

Let’s remember to take every opportunity to stay active and walking can give you many benefits.

Sunstone Registered Massage promotes living a healthy lifestyle and helping improve your well-being.

National Walk To Work Day Healthy Lifestyle
National Walk To Work Day Healthy Lifestyle

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