It’s International #DayoftheMidwife!

Midwives are essential to saving lives of mothers and newborns with quality medical services and health care.

Lets help spread the awareness of the importance of the Midwife who help prevent maternal & newborn deaths.

Midwife’s could save up to 4.3 million lives per year.

Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy Ontario Vaughan Clinic supports International Day Of The Midwife and we appreciate Midwife’s life saving dedication.

We also strive to help babies and mothers have a healthier future.

1. Massage for babies promotes interaction between you and your baby.

2. Massage for babies may help your baby relax and sleep.

3. Massage for babies may help reduce crying.

4. Pregnancy Massage may help reduce stress hormones in your body and help you relax.

5. Pregnancy massage helps relieve swollen feet and back pains.

6. Pregnancy massage may help improve sleep quality.

Consult your doctor for a diagnosis, appropriate treatment and if massage is safe for you.

Please pass on a big thank you to all the Midwife’s and all the babies they delivered.

Thank you!

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