Therapeutic Massage for Panic Attacks

What is a panic attack?

A sudden onset of intense fear or discomfort that reaches a peak within minutes and includes the following symptoms:

Is this a feeling you experience?

Breathing difficulties.
Breathing rapidly.
Feeling disorientated.
Feeling dizzy, faint or weak.
Feeling nauseous.
Feeling sweaty or having chills.
Increase in blood pressure.
Increase heart rate.
Loss of control.
Numbness or tingling in the hands and fingers.
Palpitations of your heart.
Shortness of breath.
Sudden chest pains.
Sudden fear, terror or even death.
Weakness in legs or arms.

If you experience any of the several symptoms then here are some self help tips for panic attacks:

1) Be aware of what situations or settings triggers your panic attack. (External Triggers)
2) Be aware that the panic will subside.
3) Breathe and relax.
4) Don’t forget to eat.
5) Encourage yourself in your mind that everything will go away.
6) Get some rest.
7) Join a gym and be more physical.
8) Join a support group.
9) Lay down and rest.
10) Minimize or completely avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs.
11) Practice stress management, relaxation and breathing techniques.
12) See the panic attack as completely normal in your situation.
13) Speak to your doctor and try their treatment plan.
14) Talk to yourself to get yourself through.
15) Think of thoughts when you were calm.
16) Try Registered Massage Therapy.
17) Try yoga.

If you are having severe panic attacks that are disrupting your daily life, it’s important to seek medical diagnosis and treatment.

Get help before you have a full-blown panic attack and with these helpful techniques you can learn to relieve the symptoms.

Calm your nerves with Sunstone Registered Massage with a weekly massage to get some support.

Rely on your doctor to help with advice on how to overcome it.

Registered Massage Therapy can help make your situation and day calming.

Don’t let your panic attacks get so debilitating and get help by calming your mind.

Find balance and wellness with a relaxing Sunstone Registered Therapeutic Massage.

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