Social Media Detox

Social Media Detox – why quitting Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook made me a lot happier.

The first step is to disable “Push Notifications” or “Uninstall Social Media Apps.” Or just quit cold turkey. Easier said than done.

How about staying off social media for 1 day, a week or even a month?

Social Media Detox Vaughan Ontario
Social Media Detox Vaughan Ontario

Will quitting social media make you happier?

The answer is “ABSOLUTELY YES!”

Quitting could be quite challenging – but limiting your time on social media can make a major difference in your health, happiness and wellbeing.

Social Media Lens

Spending many hours on social media – you won’t get the time back. And your real life (personal life) may suffer.

Don’t see life through a lens of other peoples lives, fake news, hype and sensationalism.

Living life through pictures is NOT LIVING LIFE

Posting a selfie does more harm than good. Studies found that your obsession to post selfies can be linked to a decreased self-esteem and decreased life satisfaction.

So what’s next?

How about starting a wellness journey with your holistic health?

What is a wellness journey?

A wellness journey is about pursuing health. Start a balanced life that focuses on Health. Start with taking care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself included taking care of your body, muscles, soul and spirit.

Social Media Detox Vaughan Ontario RMT Registered Massage
Social Media Detox Vaughan Ontario RMT Registered Massage

Sunstone Registered Massage Holistic Wellness Clinic is dedicated to your wellness journey – make the best out of life.

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