First Day Of Spring Awaken With A Registered Massage Treatment

Spring is in the air on the First Day of Spring – officially today – March 20th 2022.

This morning at 11:33 AM Eastern when the day-to-night line was perfectly vertical from pole to pole.

This is a perfect day to make a new start to living a healthy lifestyle.

Spring is back – so awaken your health with a Registered Massage Treatment Session.

Your body is looking forward to the rejuvenation and excitement of the Spring Season.

As you say goodbye to Winter and say hello to Spring add Massage to the full bloom sunny warmer days.

It’s the perfect first day of spring to book a Registered Massage and enjoy the blossoms with a stroll in the park.

The best time for new health beginnings is now in Spring with an all-around refreshed day with Registered Massage.

Spring vibes is always best with a massage that will put you happy in a good mood.

Happy #FirstDayofSpring!

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