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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that typically occurs in the wrist and hand of nerve entrapment; when the canal compresses the nerve, arteries, blood vessels, ligaments and tendons, this pressure results in swelling or tendon inflammation as they press against the median nerve.

When you work in an office with poor office ergonomics, or love to play your guitar or piano, or work with tools all day and complain about your hand is hurting and forearm being numb, weak or tingling, this can be from a compressed nerve on the palm side of your wrist caused by trauma or overuse known as Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

People who have a high tendency to engage in repetitive motion may suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Depending on the severity of carpal tunnel syndrome, your physician may recommend massage to loosen the tendons in the hands and wrists.

Your doctor will generally diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome based on your symptoms. Your doctor may even recommend surgery to treat your carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is not always a problem strictly isolated in the nerve at the wrist specific area, massaging the muscles in your upper arm, shoulder and neck area may also be beneficial as these areas of the nerve may be compressed. Remember your pain from your wrist can be related to an alternative targeted area as the culprit; since your nerves are connected.







Targeted massage relaxes the muscles and tissues in the area and proves helpful following massage therapy.

Registered Massage Therapist can show you stretches and movements that are comfortable and best practices for your specific condition safely.

Follow-up care with your Doctor and Massage Therapist is a key part of your treatment and safety as we can guide you with the stretches, hand-flex motions, when to wear the wrist-brace, and the needed application of ice or warm water to maximize pain relief and improve optimum flexibility.

Never try to massage or manipulate your nerve, or apply pressure directly on your carpal tunnel area.

Massage therapy can help treat and ease carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms with improved circulation, by easing friction on the irritated and inflamed areas, and restoring the affected muscles to move more freely.

Visiting a Massage therapist for carpal tunnel syndrome is a temporary relief from pain, swelling and pressure; and caught at an early stage is important to avoid permanent damage to the median nerve.

Reduce tension in the canal by relieving the pressure on the nerve with safe massage manipulation of the hand, wrist, upper arm, forearm, shoulders and neck to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, flexibility, grip and enhance your health, achieve optimal function and help to perform everyday tasks easier.

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