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Going through the Twitterverse scanning trends and hashtags you can know what’s popular – the topic of common interest shared is #Massage

Here is Reading Massage Tweets: #Massage

Someone give me a back massage 😩

I need a freaking massage rn:(

I could definitely use a massage rn

in desperate need of a reaaaally good back massage

I need a massage! 😩

i neeeeed a massage

I need a full body massage ):

a back massage right abouttt now pls

need a massage 😭

In need of a back massage

I need a full body massage

I just want one good massage 😩

Could do with a massage twice a day

me: my back kinda gonna ask for a massage. my back: thank u for that massage! that felt great!

In desperate need of a massage


The thing i hate the most about getting a massage is the fact that it has to end.

in need of a full body massage ASAP

need a back massage asap

a back massage sound so nice rn

If I got a back massage Rn I’d be asleep in seconds 😩

in need of a back massage 😤

i need a massage 🤕

I need a full body massage like rn.

I need a full body massage so badly😭

Need a massage

i could go for a full body massage rn

& i need full body massage i feel like dying

I really really really reallllllly just want a back massage 😔

I need a full body massage rn

i just want to be pampered:( nails, hair, brows, massage, &&&&& food…

i just want a massage until i fall asleep 😭

scratch my back, rub my shoulders, massage my feet… pls

Gosh I really need a massage right now

A massage is so needed right now 😫

Could do with a full body massage

In need of a massage

i really need a full body massage 😩

A massage would be good rn

I need a deep tissue massage.

Overdue for a full body massage😩, it’s been too damn long

I need a deep body massage, BAD

full body massage is needed

i need a back massage

in need of a full body massage

I need a massage, some hot tea/coffee, and a realllyyyyy long nap

I need a full body massage

A back massage would be great rn

i need a full body massage

Siri, massage my calves

Massage……….Think about it ..

Reading Massage Tweets: Why Everyone Loves Massage.

Discussing the importance of #Massage is a great way of supporting and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Massage contributes to good health. Creating awareness for Massage Therapy is key to helping people improve their health and wellness.

Be a champion of your own health through Registered Massage Therapy – its time to craft your own pitch that can bring attention to the world inspiring healthy living and healthy communities.

Use common Massage awareness hashtags, like #Massage, #SunstoneRMT, #RMT, #RegisteredMassage, #PregnancyMassage, #SwedishMassage, #FullbodyMassage, #SportsMassage, #BabyMassage and #MassageTherapy in your posts to contribute to the health benefits of #Massage conversation online.

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