Registered Massage Therapy Supports Children's Health With Red Nose Day

Registered Massage Therapy for Children offers many effective natural massage techniques to help children’s overall health – we at Sunstone Registered Massage are proud to join the Red Nose Day theme for holistic solutions to help end child poverty worldwide.

Your child’s health is the greatest asset – so this year Sunstone Registered Massage will put our #NosesOn for children in need.

Red Nose Day gives children a brighter future that’s filled with the power of laughter, happiness and health.

Supporting the great cause are some of your favorite celebrities joining together to make a difference for kids living a tough life.

Ed Sheeran, Kelly Clarkson, Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Neil Patrick Harris, Kermit, Seth Meyers, Jane Lynch, David Duchovny, Jane Krakowski, Anna Kendrick, Will Ferrell, One Direction, Kim Kardashian and many others.

Let’s raise awareness about children living in poverty. And make it a goal to help children reach beyond the imaginable – enhance their physical health and quality of life.

Come together to change lives and give children bright smiles.

Sunstone Registered Massage supports providing massage healthcare for your child’s complex needs and shares the heart and humanity of keeping children and youth safe, healthy and educated because #EveryOneCounts everyday and also on Red Nose Day.

Red Nose Day Hashtag Campaign

Join In On The Fun For Every Child’s Health:

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