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Pregnancy is a special time when a woman’s body undergoes significant changes as it prepares to deliver the growing baby. Some of the changes include hormonal, body structural and the women carries the baby can cause discomfort and distress that can be relieved with a Massage.

During pregnancy many women experience mood swings and a fluctuating reaction emotionally as activity in hormones increase. Others may have a problem with insomnia.

Changes in breast size enlarge and anterior weight gain occurs as the fetus grows through the three trimesters of pregnancy. This shifting additional weight puts pressure on the lower back, and results in neck strain.

Pregnancy Massage Is To Help Relax The Mother
Pregnancy Massage Is To Help Relax The Mother

Pressure from the additional weight can decrease physical activity and as the pregnancy progresses this may cause swelling of the feet, legs and hands.

Normal delivery of the baby requires tissues to soften to support the delivery of the baby, however it may also cause pain in the joints.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage: When and Why to Get a Massage During Pregnancy

The goal for the pregnancy massage is to help relax the mother and release emotional stress and relieve the strain felt in the lower back, neck, legs and feet.

At Sunstone Registered Massage we have:

An experienced Peri-Natal Massage therapist who has on-site experience in Women’s College Hospital, in Toronto, working with Labour Support and High Risk pregnancies, and a Certification in both Infant Massage Instruction and Pediatric Massage Therapy.

Relaxation During Pregnancy: Benefits of Pregnancy Massage.

Good air flow in our room

The massage space is near the bathroom (pregnant women feel the need to urinate frequently).

The atmosphere is relaxing

The table height is just right

We have a stepping stool (we assist you and comfortably position you as needed especially in the later stages of pregnancy).

We have pillows under and around the belly, under the head and under the top arm and leg for support and where needed.

At Sunstone Registered Massage, it is very important for the client to be in a safe position on the table while receiving massage. As the mother’s belly starts to get larger, other positions may be more suitable and more comfortable. ie. Lying flat, Reclining and Side-lying.


Consult with your primary health care provider before a massage to determine what is happening now in your body and advise on positioning, especially if there is any complicating health factors – for Sunstone Massage to give a Pregnancy massage safely.

Enjoy the benefits of a Pregnancy Massage call: 647-233-2569 we use a gentle and relaxing massage and body-work to address the wellness of the pregnant women and if there are places that need special attention (neck, chest, lower back, hips, legs and feet) we are dedicated to providing an optimal massage to pregnant women to relieve stress, strain and help ease labor, delivery and recovery.

Inner thighs at latter stages in pregnancy should be avoided.

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