Muscles And Cheese Please!

When thinking of muscles, think of cheese! When cheese is cold, its not very flexible. If we were to stretch it cold, or twist, or bend it, the cheese would crumble and break.

Our muscles, though resilient, are not very tolerant of the cold. To use our muscles efficiently, we must keep them warm and long. Warm cheese can bend, twist and stretch in any fashion without breaking as easily. Our muscles behave the same way.

Each time we use our muscles, they get a little shorter without stretching, as our muscles get too short the results are muscle tension, spasms, cramps, headaches, joint tissues etc.

Just as we shower, brush our teeth, eat, breathe and sleep, adding a daily stretch routine in the morning and before bed time can improve our muscles.

With only a 5 minute stretch before you roll in and out of bed, will certainly relieve daily tension and stresses.

Don’t know how to stretch?

Learn how to stretch from our registered massage therapists.

Stretch away the stress, tension and make an improvement and difference in your life.

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