How To Beat The POLAR VORTEX With Registered Massage Therapy Ontario

The cold wind chills are expected with drifting snow, frigid arctic air and strong winds.

Vaughan, ONTARIO: has an EXTREME COLD WARNING with a wind chill of -23°C to minus 35°C.

Cold arctic air will settle over Southern Ontario tonight.

‘Extreme cold puts everyone at risk’.

The cold weather can put your muscles at risk too.

The cold temperatures can affect how your muscles perform.

Especially, in extreme cold climates your muscles can tighten up.

Winter weather can trigger sharp muscle pain and soreness.

Here are some tips to keeping warm and beating the POLAR VORTEX:

  • Stay inside.

  • Cover up if you have to go outside. Frostbite can develop within minutes with exposure to low temperatures and wind chill causes freezing of the exposed skin or other tissues. Your skin symptoms can turn numb or change skin color.

  • Keep your pets warm too.

  • If you can make it outside, registered massage therapy can help keep muscles effectively warm and flexible.

  • Massage Therapy improves muscle soreness and tension during the Polar Vortex.

    At Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy you can rejuvenate and relax from the cold temperatures and enjoy the health benefits.

    Sunstone Registered Massage can help you through the winter season and the Extreme Cold Warning Polar Vortex.

    Extreme Cold Warning For Southern Ontario And Keeping Warm With Massage Therapy
    Extreme Cold Warning For Southern Ontario And Keeping Warm With Massage Therapy

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