Recreational Or Prescribed Use Of Cannabis And Massage Therapy

Canada legalizes marijuana on Oct. 17, 2018: here’s everything you need to know about massage and cannabis.

Being Impaired With Marijuana And Getting A Massage?

If you would like a massage and you are impaired by cannabis or any other substance that is affecting your ability to provide informed consent then a RMT should not assess or treat you.

Being impaired as a result of any substance and getting a massage is not recommended!

Legalization of Cannabis And Healing?

Because massage usually involves applying pressure – being impaired may jeopardize and interfere with your ability to know and sense the suitable pressure which can be unsafe for you.

Failure To Understand Treatment Options While Impaired

Impairment also means – you may demonstrate an inability to make a clear treatment choice, or a lack of ability to communicate due to the effects of cannabis.

In Case You Were Wondering About Cannabis And Massage?

Moreover, being impaired with cannabis or even alcohol you may not understand the explanation of the proposed treatment, the nature of the treatment, the expected benefits of the treatment, risks and side effects of the treatment proposed and any of the alternative options.

What About Cannabis Oil or Topical Products Containing Cannabis?

RMTs should not administer or apply cannabis in any form to a client during treatment which includes Cannabis resin, THC and CBD infused massage oils.

Do we sell or use Topical Products Containing Cannabis?

– NO.

At Sunstone Registered Massage we do not have any cannabis oil or a topical products containing cannabis as it is prohibited (by law).

At Sunstone Registered Massage we DO NOT apply Client’s Own Cannabis Oil or Topical Products Containing Cannabis.

We at Sunstone Registered Massage only apply fragrance free, only natural, hypoallergenic oil that is a non-topical cannabis application for all treatments.

Sunstone Registered Massage is dedicated to your overall health and recommends you to see your primary health care provider (such as a physician or nurse practitioner) to understand your condition, diagnosis, course of action, treatment options and appropriate oils.

Sunstone Registered Massage is governed by The College of Massage Therapists (CMTO) to uphold a safe, professional approach dedicated to professional excellence in responsible Massage care for the client.

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