Celebrate Chinese New Year At Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy

Celebrate Chinese New Year At Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy

On Saturday, January 25th is Chinese New Year 2020

In Chinese astrology, each year has a classification scheme zodiac animal sign.

Sunstone Registered Massage wishes you best of luck in this new year and good fortune, prosperity, and longevity!

Good food, wealth and health are things that everyone wants.

Keep your good luck with you, along with your good health with Registered Massage.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Sunstone Registered Massage with traditional holistic health with Massage Therapy – health for all.

Respectful congratulations on the New Year and a gift of Health with Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy.

Happy new year! Xīnnián Kuàilè, 新年快乐!

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