How Massage Will Benefit You During Your Pregnancy?

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[How Massage Will Benefit You During Your Pregnancy?]

Pregnancy is a time where taking care of yourself has never been more important as changes to your body occur; fluctuating hormones, swollen feet, headaches; insomnia, nausea, aching legs, hips and back pain.

The added weight may throw off your balance and add strain to your feet, joints and effect your overall posture.

Good nutrition, light exercise and stretching are some of the main focuses during pregnancy.

At Sunstone Massage we offer an experienced Peri-Natal Massage therapist who has on-site experience in Women’s College Hospital, in Toronto, working with Labour Support and High Risk pregnancies, and a Certification in both Infant Massage Instruction and Pediatric Massage Therapy.

At Sunstone Massage we can help from the 1st trimester to ease tensions. The treatment approach changes with each trimester.


Sunstone Massage Registered Therapy can help you through your entire pregnancy.

Call your primary health care provider or local hospital at once if you have contractions, belly pain, or if you notice leaking fluid or blood.

Enjoy the benefits of a Safe Prenatal Massage call: 647-233-2569 we use a gentle and relaxing massage and body-work to address the wellness of the pregnant women and if there are places that need special attention (neck, chest, lower back, hips, legs and feet) we are dedicated to providing an optimal massage to pregnant women to relieve stress, strain and help ease labor, delivery and recovery.