Reduce Muscle Pain From Arthritis Spasms

Massage can increase the production of endorphins that is released into the body through a natural process without medications as an alternative therapy to reduce muscle pain from arthritis spasms.

Those who have osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis should carefully take note that: “Inflamed joint areas of the body should not be massaged with those suffering from problems in their joints”.

However, when the inflammation is manageable and or subsided, massage is possible to the surrounding muscles to help loosen up the joint and relieve its stress.  Massage to the muscles and ligaments in the non-inflammatory area can break up the adhesion’s and increase joint mobility and flexibility to improve your ability of normal range motion and movement.

Through a gentle massage technique of joint stretching the viscous Synovial fluid found in the cavities of synovial joints can be stimulated.

Massage can promote the secretion of synovial fluid into the joint cavity, filling up the empty space. This fluid forms a thin layer and acts like a buffer to support pain reduction and to reduce inflammation.

However, if fluid is absent stretching is not an appropriate technique. Sunstone Massage Therapists are qualified professionals that can determine the best treatment for each individual client’s case.

Through massage and massage techniques as holding, touching for the purpose of warming the arthritic and sore joints a soothing effect can be achieved.

If you have progressive muscle tightening with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, massage can ease the symptoms by increasing circulation, improve greater flexibility and mobility, decrease pain and inflammation and relieve muscle stiffness.

Registered Sunstone Massage Therapy can give you pain-free days without medication adding to Sunstone Massage Therapy – Re-define your Health.

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