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Office Site Services Sunstone Registered Massage RMT Vaughan Ontario

Let’s re-define our health at the office!

Sunstone Massage services provides various massage treatments that reduce stress, fatigue and rejuvenate your employees and their work environment.  With just 10 minutes of massage you can improve employee performance, boost morale and enhance the wellness and health of your employees. Taking care of your employees can also help lower the rate of employee absenteeism.

For Your Company

* An addition to promoting health, safety and productivity.
* Boost morale and encourage a positive culture in your work place.
* Increase employee loyalty, motivation, and morale.
* Reduce absenteeism, sick days, stress-related illness and repetitive use injuries.
* Rewarding employees with massage is cost-effective in the long term as replacing staff is costly.

For Your Employees

* Alleviate stress, tension, pain, stiffness, and mental fatigue
* Relieves Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)
* Provides treatment for working postures
* Improves breathing, relieves low-back pain from incorrect lifting habits and posture.
* Enhance creativity and drive
* Reduces laziness and the lack of motivation
* Massage in the office acknowledges employee’s daily work
* Let your employees know they are valued and appreciated
* Release natural endorphins that allow us to feel happy and calm
* Give your employees something positive to talk about.

Sunstone Corporate Massage is an addition to the work formula and smoothly fits into the work day as the employee receive a fully clothed massage complimenting the flow of your business.

A reliable, qualified, registered massage therapist can provide a therapeutic and comprehensive on-site massage for the workplace.

We use a fast, easy setup and take down portable massage table that is disinfected before and after each client. This allows the high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in today’s health care industry and our everyday lives to be met, properly and professionally.

Areas of Massage Include:

Neck, Shoulders, Back, Arms, Hands, Legs and Feet

  • * Verbal and Written consent will be asked of every client.
  • * All client interactions will be confidential.
  • * Remedial Exercises will be given to promote stretching and proper posture to maintain physical health beyond their time with the Therapist.
  • * No oils or lotions are used as the clients will be dressed.

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